MasterClass: Visionary Darkness

Darkness Retreat


Heilige Dunkelheit

A magical workshop…

A unique experience!

Would you like to relax deeply

and embark on a journey of discovery

in the womb of darkness

to be born again in light?


some testimonials:

A magical workshop, professionally prepared and well organized by a team of four wonderful people; a team that pays attention to the flow of the group, and is aware of, and open to, what presents itself in the moment. Highly recommended for anyone who values the dark(ness) as part of the quest for the Divine Light. Danny Bogaert

I look back on a fascinating inner journey, that has made me more whole. My Soul is visibly working through my body, and sings with Love. Thank you! Giséle Lievens

I’ve had a wonderful time. I am even more in touch with my own life force, my feminine power, and my inner fire. Embrace what is; love in connection with everything. Thank you for the tender loving care. Chandra de Rijk

Coming home at the Source

In this special retreat you spend most of the time in complete darkness. Even a short period of darkness, as during meditation or in a blindfolded trancedance, can be benefitial. When you spend more time in darkness, over a longer period of time, the chatter in your head will settle down. Clarity comes into being, and room for profound contact with the source of life and creativity is created.

In Darkness we become Visionaries

Ceremonial darkness has always played an important role in meditation and shamanic work. When the mind can safely release the security of the visible world, invisible landscapes of creative inspiration become visible.

Read more?

Article: Sacred Darkness – about blindfold, surrender and transformation


We provide a secure space, in which you can surrender to your inner journey. Moments of silence are interspersed with activities. We dance, meditate, make musical journeys, stimulate the senses, and are creative in all kinds of ways. We discover new ways of perception and make deep contact with our life force, in order to be reborn out of the womb of darkness, into the light at the end of the retreat.



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February 17-21, 2021

arrival wednesday 16:00-18:00 hours, departure sunday 14:00 hours

lodging and meals

2p rooms (1p possible depending on availablility), vegetarian and wholesome meals, coffee, tea and refreshments at breaks.


Wellspring Retreat Center, Hauptstrasse 13, 54655, St.Thomas, Germany


Aernoudt Knecht & Roger Vossen


meals and lodging: €250

retreat program: €445

Sum: €695

Do you come with two?

€50 discount pp!


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