Kundalini Trance Dance

a Journey into Essence, and Soul Awakening!

Kundalini Chakra Trance Dance

Trance Dance Retreat

This retreat is a chance, to have a life changing experience, and an opportunity to connect to ALL layers of your being. When you safely, and naturally, allow yourself to move into deeper layers of meditation and trance, you will return home… deep within.

Kundalini and Chakra Journey

We will make an inner journey, in a series of trance dances (what is trance dance?), to energize different aspects of our being. Our path of discovery will be Kundalini, and we will activate each Chakra along the way. These daily trance dances will be embedded in a larger program of meditation-, body-, breath- and soundwork.

This journey inside, connecting with who you really are, at a deeper level, will bring mental clarity, healing, creativity and growth!

Max. 12




August 8-14, 2022



Aernoudt and Yvette


Wellspring Retreat Center, Hauptstrasse 13, 54655, St.Thomas, Germany


meals and lodging: €480, program: €480, sum: €960

lodging in 2p rooms, vegetarian and wholesome meals, coffee, tea and refreshments at the breaks included.


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Participation in any of our events requires one of the following:

– declaration of having healed – negative test, max. 48 hours before the start – proof of recent vaccination

Some testimonials

Thanks for the incredible week. I came to de-stress, and left reborn! Manu

I still feel the afterglow… When I tell people about it, they say my eyes sparkle! Ingrid

It was a wonderful experience, opening up, gaining insight. This week has initiated a lot of change in my life.Wikke

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