Structure of this training

Module 1 – Dancer

Module 2 – Facilitator

Modules 3,4,5, … – Master


2 Basic modules

(only to be followed together)

The basis of this training consists of two modules: ‘Dancer’ (7 days) and ‘Facilitator’ (4 days). These two modules can only be taken together, and are required for obtaining the certificate. There is a gap of a few months between the first and a second module. We consciously choose a program with sufficient space in between to integrate the experiences and knowledge before we complete the basic process together. 

Master modules

(optional follow-up training)

In addition to the first two basic modules, there are various Master modules in which you can participate. Some are offered every year. These programs are intended to deepen your understanding, and each one offers a specific subject. Here are some examples:

‘Visionary Darkness’

‘Masked Trancedance’

‘Trancedance and Psychopathology’

‘Trancedance and Soul Retrieval’


Experiential Learning and Growing

Central throughout this intensive training program, is your personal growth. You will have a lot of experience with trancedancing, and will study how to work with trance, music, rituals, meditation and processes of transformation. We also offer a practical and theoretical framework, through which you can learn how to facilitate a trancedance ritual, using your own inspiration and qualities.


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Personal guidance

During your training you have one or more personal talks with the teachers. We pay attention to your personal development, and look at your individual needs and requirements.

Assigments and apprenticeship

You get homework assignments attuned to your individual background and motivations. Besides practicing with each other, you also get the chance to do an internship in practice. This way you get to know a vibrant community of trancedancers, whilst gaining practical experience.


Once you have completed all parts of the training program, and finished all assignments and the internship to satisfaction, you recieve a certificate, stating the number of hours and internships you have done.

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