The void in the darkness is an ocean of endless possibilities!

Wellspring Academy – Trancedance Training

Wellspring Academy

Wellspring Academy is a training center founded by Aernoudt Knecht. Since 2002, Wellspring organizes a variety of workshops, courses and retreats on topics such as practical psychology, contemporary shamanism, ceremonial darkness and intercultural spirituality, including the trancedance facilitator training program presented on this website.


senior lecturer:Aernoudt Knecht

Aernoudt Knecht MSc

Psychologist, trainer, author and musician


Aernoudt has a Master degree in psychology (Radboud University Nijmegen), and has immersed himself in the psychology of culture and religion. He was taught over many years by various teachers, and is also a musician, trancedance facilitator and trainer. Aernoudt is senior lecturer for all the workshops, retreats and trainings Wellspring Academy organises in the Netherlands, Belgium and in Germany. In most programs Aernoudt works together with various colleagues, specifically selected for the content and quality of their work.

“If you are willing to be an authentic expression of life, apart from a clear vision and a powerful intention, surrendering to whatever unfolds, is essential. Breath, music, movement, trance … are portals to an infinite source of inspiration and creativity. The void in the darkness is an ocean of endless possibilities!”




~ Awakening within the Dream – about brainwaves, dreams and trance

~ Sound and Creation – the world is a song

~ Breath – portal to inspiration and healing

~ Sacred Darkness – about blindfold, surrender and transformation