Sacred Darkness

about blindfold, surrender and transformation

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1 – Surrendering to Darkness
2 – Blinded by the Light
3 – Sacred Darkness – then and now
4 – In Darkness we become Visionaries
5 – The blindfolded dancer


When I wear a blindfold, it is usually during a trancedance which lasts about one hour and a half. Often this is sufficient time to create a certain amount of surrender to facilitate growth, healing, inspiration or transformation. In 2010 I took it a step further, and surrendered into Darkness for several days, to investigate and explore the effect more deeply.


1 – Surrendering to Darkness

sacred-darknessHere I am, sitting on the edge of my mattress, surrounded by silence and darkness. Could it still be night time? I have no idea whatsoever what the time is, nor what day it is. I have now spent roughly four days in complete darkness. I say “roughly” because I have lost counting. After several days in darkness your consciousness loses any hold it might have. The mattress underneath my body, is about the only sign from which I can deduce that I still exist.

Roughly one year ago I enrolled for a darkness retreat. My dear friend and colleague, Roel Crabbé, told me about the work of Naomi Lewis and Simon Buxton, a couple that initiates people into darkness in a profound way, in Great Britain. I was used to spending some time dancing blindfolded in the dark, so I seized the opportunity to deepen my relationship with darkness.

What remains of your consciousness when you let go of all contact with the visible world over a long period of time? I like to subject my consciousness to extreme conditions, once in a while. That is how it works when you really want to learn something. In the end, we wouldn’t have learnt much about the atom just sitting there quietly watching it. Of course not! Instead we built a huge particle accelerator, which smashes it into pieces, so we can observe from the flying debris how it works.

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