Awakening within the Dream – page 4

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1 – The twilight zone between waking and sleeping
2 – Brain waves and states of consciousness
3 – Dream conciouscess, the creative zone
4 – Awakening and dancing the dream
5 – The collective dream of our planet


4 – Awakening and dancing the dream

drumThe presence of theta-waves only, is not sufficient in order to grow in a conscious manner. We would like to ‘awaken within in the dream’, remember? That’s a challenge, because dreams are difficult bring into the daily consciousness. We don’t remember most of our nightly dreams. Also in deep hypnosis, there are little or no alpha and beta waves detected. That is why, under hypnosis, people are often not aware of what the are doing and cannot remember the experience afterwards. In order to live the experience consciously, and to be able to transfer it to waking consciousness, the theta-consciousness must be accompanied by a small percentage of beta waves.

One way in which theta waves occur is when, from the alpha-consciousness, one relaxes further and deeper and eventually falls asleep. Another way in which theta waves arise, is when one moves from temporarily from delta to theta, during sleep, and begins to dream. But it can also be done differently! Physical relaxation is not always necessary, and the path/road to theta does not have go through alpha. There are other ways to accomplish mental relaxation such as certain physical activities.

It is well known that certain physical activities induce trance. There are many exercises that can be done to develop a conscious experience of the dream state. All of them encourage the brain to produce slower waves, whilst the body remains active; for example: long-term sports or dancing. Also playing a drum or a rattle, or making any kind of music with a monotonous and rhythmic character, brings people into theta consciousness. Research shows that trance mediums mainly produce slow brain waves, but they often are simultaneously physically active.

Krishnamurti once said that man should become like a cyclone: very active on the outside but quiet on the inside. During my lifetime I have taken myself consciously into trance in different ways, lying down and sitting, as well as by dancing. In my experience, the trance is most powerful, nourishing and healing, when it is accompanied by physical exertion. The most enjoyable and accessible way I know of, is through blindfolded trancedancing. Trancedance helps you to tune into the collective dream of our planet.

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