Awakening within the Dream – page 3

about sleeping, waking, brain waves, dreams and trance

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1 – The twilight zone between waking and sleeping
2 – Brain waves and states of consciousness
3 – Dream conciouscess, the creative zone
4 – Awakening and dancing the dream
5 – The collective dream of our planet


3 – Dream conciouscess, the creative zone

braincellsFrom a need to escape from the beta stress of everyday life, in many spiritual circles people do exercises that brings one into alpha consciousness. Practicing yoga and meditation, for instance, encourages beta waves to make room for these kind of slower waves. One experiences a sense of deep relaxation and thoughtlessness/no-mind, which brings inner peace.

Theta consciousness – which is the synapse between being awake and being asleep – arises when the person drops even further into slower waves. Theta consciousness is also called the ‘creative zone’. One does not think so much in words, as in images, recieves insights and sees new connections between things. Also our imagination – still very prominent in children – is associated with theta waves. In a state of theta consciousness, creative and new thoughts arise, and intuitive information can rise to the surface.

The benefit of the creative zone becomes clear when we look at the consequences when it is absent. Authoritarian school teachers force their students into a survival mode, and hence encourage beta waves. The result is that these students will find it hard to see the connections between the information, and can absorb less. Scientific research shows that it is vital to dream on a daily basis, in order to avoid: disorientation, crying spells, aggression, memory disorders, concentration problems; in short: maddness. Not dreaming over a long period of time, can even result in death. As with a computer, in order to avoid a crash of the system it is necessary to clean up accumulated debris, and regularly defragment the hard drive.

So dreams help us to stay balanced, and that is why it is useful to actively generate this state. Research shows that people who regularly exercise to achieve theta consciousness, have better self- knowledge, are more in connection with their feelings, feel better, and know what they want. They can also express their feelings better and faster, and can keep them to themselves better than others when necessary. So no new-age, airy-fairy- dreamy types, who do not function properly. On the contrary, people who live life consciously, and want to awaken and dance the dream.


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