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Central Themes in the Training

A safe and sacred space

Facilitating the Trance Dance Experience

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When you surrender to the dance, and allow yourself to be moved from the wisdom and true nature of your body, moments of insights, growth and healing can occur spontaneously. You learn how to create a safe environment in which to allow such processes.

Layers of Consciousness

Exploring Body & Mind

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In addition to in-depth experience with trancedance, you will get acquainted with other forms of trance- and bodywork. You are also given the opportunity to explore the impact of universal, traditional and contemporary rituals.


Inviting Spirit into your Life

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Breath is a powerful tool to enhance the flow of lifeforce within you. In many spiritual traditions breathing techniques have an important place. We will work with different types of breathing.

Blindfolds & Darkness

Working with Ceremonial Darkness

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In most of our trance dances, the dancers are blindfolded for one to one and a half hours, creating space for surrender, inspiration and transformation. In this training you can explore the effect of ritual darkness in depth.

The Archetype of the Shamen

Mastering Intentions and Awareness

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A shaman is a spiritual expert, who goes into a trance in order to improve his own quality of life, and that of others and of the community as a whole. All cultures on the planet have some form of shamanism in their roots. You get the chance to get in touch with the archetype of the shaman, and will develop skills that contribute to growth and healing.

Creating a Musical Journey

Working with Sound & Music

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Music is the vehicle the shaman uses to travel. The rhythms and melodies take the dancer on a journey full of inspiration and adventure. You get the chance to experiment with making organic sounds with simple instruments, as well as with contemporary technological means.

Ancestors and Power Animals

Cultivating Alliances

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During trance journeys we can make alliances with guides, teachers and ancestors in the spirit world. Often these guides present themselves in typical earthly forms, such as animals. You get the chance to develop a personal relationship with your guides.

Becoming Whole Again

Integrating Lost Pieces of Self

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When we have suffered mild or severe trauma, we lose some or part of our uninhibited nature: the integrity of our soul is deeply wounded/damaged/effected. We will explore the idea of ‘loss of soul’ and will perform rituals for becoming whole again.

Science & Spirituality

Dancing the Dream

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On this training you will learn how trance, dance and other techniques can enhance your creative power, and help you realize your dreams.

We provide a context in which science and spirituality meet.


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