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May 2021

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Foreword: Mental Lock Down
Training: Facilitator Training
Event: Dance Camp 2021
Music: DJ Esta Polyesta
Events: Overview

~ foreword ~
by Aernoudt Knecht

Mental Lock Down

Whatever you think about virusses, pandemics and lock downs (everybody seems to have an opinion about everything these days) I think the intensity of the disagreements just shows how much we are a prisoner of our own mental constructs. These stories simply can't all be true, and the rise of an online world, and identity, has accelerated this process of dissociation from reality even more. In the mean time we are losing touch with ourselves, our nature, and with each other.

We simply can't live like this. Many people have been going nuts, losing grip, from stress, and out of the sheer lack of real physical human connection, and lack of ways to break out of their cage and stay sane. The mental and emotional damage is huge, and it's time to continue living, and start with some damage control.

Soul Retrieval ~ Facilitating Healing & Growth

I hope to continue to interest YOU in joining us, in our 'human potential movement'. Facilitating healing and growth through trance dancing, and teaching others to do so professionaly, is one of the most rewarding things I know to do. This summer I will be teaching another Facilitator Training, and I'm looking forward to Dance Camp, a dance event in Holland. In the mean time I'm working on new modules about 'soul retrieval' ... I will keep you posted. Have a great spring, and see you this summer!

~ training ~

Trancedance Facilitator Training
Intensive training for dancers and facilitators

Trancedans & Transformatie
Trancedans & Transformatie
Trancedans & Transformatie

Module 1 ~ Dancer:
7 days – July 26 - August 1, 2021
Module 2 ~ Facilitator:
4 days – October 28-31, 2021

Central themes:

A Safe and Sacred Space
Trance, Movement and Breath
Blindfold and Ceremonial Darkness
The Archetype of the Shaman
Sound and Music
Ancestors and Spirit Helpers
Healing and Growth
Science and Mysticism
Dancing the Dream read more>

Participation includes:

training in 2 modules
11 days and nights of accommodation
tasty and vegetarian meals
professional guidance
practical exercises and internship
curriculum course book
certificate of participation
participation in network of facilitators
... and more

Training: €1190 - Accommodation and meals: €490

Info & registration:

~ event ~

Dance Camp 2021 ~ August 13-15 ~ Zeewolde (NL)
Dancing, Camping, Swimming

Healing Garden, Dance the Medicine and DJ Esta Polyesta present: Dance Camp 2021!

Just imagine dancing for five days... and camping on the most beautiful natural beach in the Netherlands. Dance Camp is a dance holiday, with different types of dance to enjoy, on land, and in the water. You can join various dance workshops, or just freestyle. The program will include Ecstatic Dance, Trance Dance, 5 Rhythms Dance, Dance The Medicine and Movement Medicine, and other forms of dance. I have been asked to facilitate a couple of trance dances every day, and will be present, with a team of facilitators. I'm really looking forward to this summer dance event!

Trance Dance
DJ's ~ Workshops ~ Nature... Connection!

There will be awesome live music, and fantastic performers and DJs, to make you move! In the midst of all the dancing, you can refuel at the organic / vegan catering stands that serve the tastiest snacks and meals, and order fine organic drinks at the bar. You can even relax in the sauna, and hot tub, on the beach... or have nightly conversations around the campfire.

Dance Camp lets you reconnect - with yourself and your own body, with the people around you and with nature.


~ music review ~

DJ Esta Polyesta

DJ Esta Polyesta, one of the organizers and DJ's at the Dance Camp event this summer, is known by many, from parties to Ecstatic Dance events, in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Antwerp, Goa and many other places around the world.

I love Polyesta's music, and can't wait to dance when she performs in Holland this summer. Polyesta likes to take you on a musical journey around the world. Her broad knowledge of music, and the diversity in her musical journeys, reflect her versatile personality. A woman who overflows with authenticity, joy of life, and love.

Esta is a good friend, who I have known for a while now, ever since she joined one of my trainings 10 years ago. Next to offering her music, Esta is a true re-newer, who brings the world of dance and parties, and the world of rituals and workshops, together. Trance Dance is an integral part of her curriculum, and she also teaches facilitator trainings in Ecstatic Dance.

Check out her website: www.EstaPolyesta
Check out her facebook page:
Check out her music:

DJ Esta Polyesta on Soundcloud:

an overview of our events:

Training: Trancedance Facilitator Training
2-module training

Info & registration:

Master Module: Masked Trancedance
4-day workshop

Info & registration:

Master Module: Visionary Darkness
5-day retreat

Trancedans & Transformatie
Trancedans & Transformatie
Info & registration:

Workshop op jouw locatie? | Programma op maat? -contact>

Retreat Center in the Eifel
Workshop on location? Tailor-made program? -contact>

Accommodation with space
and rooms for rent

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