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november 2019

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Foreword: Master Classes
Event: Visionary Darkness Retreat
Video: Alan Watts - Life is a dance!
Music: Remember Your Freedom
Kalendar: Coming season
~ foreword ~
by Aernoudt Knecht
Looking forward ~ Master Classes


I feel blessed with people from all over Europe in my trainings; Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switserland, Chech Republic, Denmark, ... The basis of the training still consists of the first two modules, Dancer (7 days) and Facilitator (4 days). These two modules can only be taken together, and are required for becoming a certified facilitator.

As our international network of facilitators grows, also the content grows. There are several new modules coming up, in-depth master classes, which I am looking forward to. This was my vision for years, and the Visionary Darkness retreat was the first to start in 2013.

In future Master Classes some other essential themes will be covered, such as Soul Retrieval and Psychopathology, but also Masked Trancedance. I will make some of these modules accessible to everyone, and some are only for facilitators who have completed the first two modules.

Module 1 'Dancer' April 20-26, 2020
Module 2 'Facilitator' July 9-12, 2020 - info >

Master-module 'Darkness'
December 18-22, 2019 - info >
Master-module 'Mask'

August 6-9, 2020 - info >
Master-module 'Soul Retrieval'

December 17-20, 2020
Master-module 'Psychopathology'

dates to be planned
~ upcoming event ~
'Visionary Darkness'
December 18-22, 2019
5-day retreat ~ A unique experience!

In this special retreat you spend most of the time in complete darkness. Even a short period of darkness, as during meditation or in a blindfolded trancedance, can be benefitial. When you spend more time in darkness, over a longer period of time, the chatter in your head will settle down. Clarity comes into being, and room for profound contact with the source of life and creativity is created.

In Darkness we become Visionaries
Ceremonial darkness has always played an important role in meditation and shamanic work. When the mind can safely release the security of the visible world, invisible landscapes of creative inspiration become visible.

We provide a secure space, in which you can surrender to your inner journey. Moments of silence are interspersed with activities. We dance, meditate, make musical journeys, stimulate the senses, and are creative in all kinds of ways. We discover new ways of perception and make deep contact with our life force, in order to be reborn out of the womb of darkness, into the light at the end of the retreat.
Info & registration:
~ video ~

Alan Watts ~ Life is a dance!

"The existence, the physical universe is basically playful. There is no necessity for it whatsoever. It isn’t going anywhere. That is to say, it doesn’t have some destination that it ought to arrive at...

We missed the point the whole way along. It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing or to dance while the music was being played."

~ music ~
Rishi & Harshil ~ Remember your Freedom
It's rare, and always a pleasure, to discover music that has been specially created for trance dancing.

Rishi & Harshil are percussionists, who both deserve a review on their own. They have been making for trance dancing and other trance journeys for years, and often play live during events. We will discuss their individual work in the next e-zine, but for now I want to recommend you their latest album, a collaboration between the two percussionists.

This new double album, Remember Your Freedom, is a follow-up to the previously released Forget Your Limitations, and has 11 tracks. 1 hour and 40 minutes full of colorful arrangements with drums, vocal work, natural sounds, enriched with modern sounds. Beautiful songs that take you on a journey while dancing.

Rishi & Harshil previously also released an album: Shaman's Return. They face the same problems as many musicians in this age of electronic data: how do you still earn an income from the time and effort you put into making your music? They choose to release copyright-free music on Bandcamp, outside the framework of the music industry. As a listener, you choose how much you pay. By the way, when you buy the full album, the bonus track is switched on: the mixed version of the the full journey "TrancePortMix", a longer musical journey that you can simply put on without interruption while dancing.

Info & tracks:

Upcoming Events:
Master Module: Visionary Darkness
5-day retreat ~ December 18-22, 2019
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Trancedance Facilitator Training
Module 1: April 20-26, 2020
Module 2: July 9-12, 2020

Info &  Registration
Master Module: Masked Trancedance
4-day retreat ~ August 6-9, 2020

Info & Registration
Workshop op jouw locatie? | Programma op maat? -contact>
Retreat Center in the Eifel, Germany
Workshop on location? Tailor made program? -contact>
Accommodation with space
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Groepsverblijf met zaal en gastenkamers te huur Wellspring, Hauptstrasse 13, D-54655

Wellspring, St. Thomas,
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Anderhalf uur van Luik/Maastricht Wellspring, St. Thomas, Kyllwoud, Eifel

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