Trance Dance

Kundalini Trance Dance

7 Day Retreat

This retreat is a chance, to have a life changing experience, and an opportunity to connect to ALL layers of your being. When you safely, and naturally, allow yourself to move into deeper layers of meditation and trance, you will return home… deep within.

Chakra Journey

We will make an inner journey, in a series of trance dances (what is trance dance) to energize different aspects of our being. Our path of discovery will be Kundalini, and we will activate each Chakra along the way. These daily trance dances will be embedded in a larger program of meditation-, body-, breath- and soundwork.

This journey inside, connecting with who you really are, at a deeper level, will bring mental clarity, healing, creativity and growth!

Free Yourself
from limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs
EMPOWER Yourself
with breath, sound and bodywork
Find Your CORE
and move from the authenticity of your being
EXPAND Yourself
from your essence and alignment with life

Practical Info


Wellspring Retreat Center
located in the South Eifel Nature Park

Upcoming Dates
December 5-11, 2022

arrival Monday 16-18 h, departure Sunday 13 h


participants stay in 2p and 3p rooms (single room depending on availability and for a surplus)


We serve healthy and vegetarian meals, mostly organic. Coffee, tea and refreshments are included.


Aernoudt Knecht


meals and lodging: €480
workshop & materials: €480
Sum: €960

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Max. 12 Participants

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