Trance Dance

Kundalini Trance Dance

7 Day Retreat

FREE Yourself
from limiting thoughts and beliefs
ALIGN Yourself
from the authenticity of your being
EXPAND Yourself
from your essence and alignment
EMPOWER Yourself
with breath, sound and bodywork

Full Week Retreat

This retreat is a chance to have a life changing experience and connect to ALL layers of your being.

When you allow yourself to move into deeper meditation and trance, you will return home…
deep within.

Chakra Journey

In this retreat you will make an inner journey, in a series of trance dances, to energize different aspects of your being. Your path of discovery will be Kundalini, and you will activate each Chakra along the way. These daily trance dances will be embedded in a larger program of meditation-, body-, breath- and soundwork.

Profound Connection
with Essence, Source & Creativity!

This will connect you with who you really are, at a deeper level, and bring mental clarity, healing, creativity and growth!

Moments of silence, and time and space for yourself, are interspersed with group activities. We will work with:

Trance Dance Facilitator TrainingBreathwork
Trance Dance Facilitator Training
Meditation & Trance
Trance Dance Facilitator TrainingSound & Music
Trance Dance Facilitator TrainingMovement & Dance


Wellspring Retreat Center

You will stay at the cosy retreat called Wellspring
located in the beautiful South Eifel Nature Park. Wellspring is surrounded by forests and streams that are fulll of wildlife.


participants stay in 2p and 3p rooms (single room depending on availability and for a surplus)


We serve healthy and vegetarian meals, mostly organic. Coffee, tea and refreshments are included.


Aernoudt Knecht has over 20 years of experiece in the fields of psychology (MSc, Radboud University), meditation, trance- and somatic therapies and coaching, and is internationally renowned for his work in teaching and facilitating trance dance.

Some Testimonials

"Now I dare to dance anywhere because I have overcome my fear and discovered unsuspected dancing powers! Long live the trance dance! I move, so I dance!"
"No workshop gave me so much energy. Highly recommended!..."
Caroline Broeckx - Goed Gevoel Magazine
"When I tell people about our week, they say my eyes sparkle!"
"I am grateful, because you handled it so well with your calmness and expert guidance. Thank you very much!"
"Goodbye wallflower, from now on I will let myself go trance dancing!"
Fleur - Margriet Lijf & Leven
"It still resonates. Since I returned from the retreat, I have noticed many new things, my intuition has been sharpened."
"Before I know, I'm dancing, cautious at first, but soon I let myself go. I just do what comes to mind and turn out to make the strangest movements. A very liberating feeling"
Floor - Den Haag Centraal
"For those who enjoy dancing, trance dancing is the ultimate form of therapy. No vague talk, but loud music: you can feel this, and how!"
Caroline - Goed Gevoel Magazine
Trance Dance Drumming

Upcoming Dates

Summer 2024:

August 5-11

arrival Monday 16-18 h, departure Sunday 13 h

Trance Dance Teaching



Includes all workshop hours, materials, personal guidance, and group sharings.

Sum: €490

With your payment, you reserve your spot.

All amounts are including VAT.

Please note: the workshop price doesn’t include accommodation or meals.

Lodging & Meals

Choose an accommodation option from the list below.

Self sufficient? Bring your own accommodation. Price includes all meals and refreshments, and use of facilities.

Lodging & Meals: €450

Sum (incl. workshop): €940

A single bed in a large wigwam with 1, 2 or 3 others. Price includes accommodation, all meals and use of facilities.

Lodging & Meals: €540

Sum (incl. workshop): €1040

A single bed in a room with 1 or 2 others. Price includes accommodation, all meals and use of facilities.

Lodging & Meals: €640

Sum (incl. workshop): €1140

Ultimate privacy with a single or double bed in single room. Price includes accommodation, all meals and use of the facilities.

Lodging & Meals: €740

Sum (incl. workshop): €1240

All accommodation packages include all meals, coffee, tea & refreshments during the breaks, and the use of the facilities.

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