Trance Dance

Alumni Retreat

Reunite, Reconnect & Grow

4 Day Retreat for Facilitators

This special retreat is set up especially for professional Trance Dance Facilitators who have graduated at Wellspring Academy. Only certified facilitators can participate!

Celebrate & Co-create

These days offer the opportunity for facilitators to reconnect with their peers, friends and colleagues from all over Europe, with their teachers, and of course with the practice of trance dancing itself!

Dancing, Sharing & Intervision

Through group sessions, intervision and exersizes you can actively work on your growth.

We will do a series of trance dances and sharing circles, offering you the time and space to check in with yourself, with your personal growth and path, and with your practice as a Trance Dance Facilitator.

Requests & Input

This retreat is set up to support and inspire you as a Trance Dance Facilitator. Next to being an opportunity to reflect, coming together with your peers can also be an opportunity to try out new things, for example new music. 

If there is a topic you want to get into, or bring into the circle, please send it through the form below.

Practical Info


Wellspring Retreat Center
located in the South Eifel Nature Park
D-54655 Sankt Thomas, Germany

Upcoming Dates

August 15-18, 2024

Start Thursday 18:00
End Sunday 13:00


participants stay in 2p and 3p rooms (single room depending on availability and for a surplus)


We serve healthy and vegetarian meals, mostly organic. Coffee, tea, snacks and refreshments during breaks are included.

Teacher & Facilitator

Aernoudt Knecht


meals and lodging: €240
program & materials: €150
Sum: €390

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