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Trance Dance Facilitator Training

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Dive into
a Process of Personal Growth and Healing?
Deepen Your Understanding
of Trance, Dance & Bodywork?
Experience the Power
of Breath, Blindfold and Movement?
Deepen your Knowledge
about Psychology, Mysticism & Ritual?
Learn how to
Facilitate a Trance Dance Safely & Wisely?

Trance Awake ConsciousIn the Trance Dance Facilitator Training you will learn about the mechanics, the psychology and the mysticism, behind the process of safely facilitating a Trance Dance ritual. It’s a very intensive program, consisting of two modules, in wich students will, first of all, gain a lot of personal experience… participating in numerous trance dances and other rituals, embarking on a strong journey of personal transformation and spiritual growth… exploring the spirituality of the body, and different states of consciousness and trance. And all of this personal experience will be embedded in a theoretical framework on the psychology, the physicality, and the mystisism of trance, music and dance.

Set Up

Module 1: Dancer

7 day retreat program

Module 2: Facilitator

4 day retreat program

These two modules can only be taken together, and are required for obtaining the certificate. Central throughout this program, is your personal growth, especially in the first module. You will have a lot of experience with trance dancing, and have the chance to explore and heal deeply and profoundly.

Provided with a practical and theoretical framework in the first module, you will continue to study how to work with trance, music, rituals, meditation and processes of transformation. There is a gap of a few months between the first and a second module. We consciously choose a program with sufficient space in between modules to integrate, before we complete the process together.

Personal Guidance

During your training you have one or more personal talks with the teachers. We pay attention to your personal development, and look at your individual needs and requirements.

Assigments & Apprenticeship

You get homework assignments attuned to your individual background and motivations. Besides practicing with each other, you also get the chance to do an internship in practice. This way you get to know a vibrant community of trance dancers, whilst gaining practical experience.


Once you have completed all parts of the training program, and finished all assignments and the internship to satisfaction, you recieve a certificate of completion.

Central Themes

Facilitating the Trance Dance Experience

sacred space

When you can safely surrender to the dance, and allow yourself to be moved from the wisdom and true nature of your body, moments of insights, growth and healing can occur naturally and spontaneously. You learn about different kinds of safety, and how to create a safe environment that facilitates such a process.

Exploring Body & Mind

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In addition to in-depth experience with trance dancing, you will get acquainted with similar forms of trance- and bodywork and universal and contemporary rituals. You will also learn about the brain, neural networks, and other mechanics, to gain some perspective and understanding about these practices.

Inviting Spirit into your Life

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Breath is a powerful tool to balance and enhance the flow of lifeforce within you. In many spiritual traditions breathing techniques play an important role. We will explore different types of breathing, and you will learn how to utilize breathwork in your praxis as a facilitator.

Working with Ceremonial Darkness

sacred space

In most of our trance dances, the dancers are blindfolded for one to one and a half hours, creating space for surrender, inspiration and transformation. In this training you will explore the effects of darkness in depth, and learn about the important role of darkness and sensory deprivation in shamanic praxis.

Mastering Consciousness

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The essence of shamanic work, as a spiritual expert, is to move through trance states, to improve their quality of life, and that of others in their community. All cultures on the planet have some form of shamanic practice within their roots. You will learn about the essence behind these skills, and how they contribute to growth and healing.

The Musical Journey

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Sound and music are the vehicle the dancer uses to induce trance, and direct the journey. Rhythms and melodies take the dancer on a journey full of inspiration and adventure. You will learn about the effects of music on the brain, and get the chance to experience and experiment with organic sounds, from simple instruments, as well as contemporary technology.

Cultivating Alliances

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During trance journeys we often spontaneously connect to ancestors, guides, teachers and healers in the dream world we travel through. Like little children, this comes quite naturally to us, as these energies often present themselves in typical earthly forms, such as animals. You will learn more about this, and have the chance to cultivate a relationship with a personal guide.

Integrating the Fragmented Self

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You will learn about soul-loss, and soul-retrieval. We all suffer from different forms of ‘soul loss’, a shamanic term that means that we have disconnected from essential parts of ourselves to survive traumatic moments in our lives. In a trance dance we can reconnect to those lost parts so deeply, that something original, more authentic, more essential, can resurface. 

Dancing the Dream

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In this training we provide a context in which science and spirituality meet. You will learn about psychology and quantum physics, and about shamanism and mysticism, at the same time, looking at how and where these worlds meet.

Trance Dance Blindfold

Practical Info


Wellspring Retreat Center
located in the South Eifel Nature Park


participants stay in 2p and 3p rooms (single room depending on availability and for a surplus)


We serve healthy and vegetarian meals, mostly organic. Coffee, tea and refreshments are included.


Aernoudt Knecht

Upcoming Dates

Module 1: 7 days

March 18-24, 2024

Module 2: 4 days

June 27-30, 2024

Arrival 16-18 h, Departure 13 h


for both modules combined

meals and lodging: €720
workshop & materials: €1270

Sum: €1990

These prices include all teaching hours, materials, lodging in 2p or 3p bedrooms, three wholesome vegetarian, and tasty meals a day, and coffee/tea/refreshments during breaks.

The total amount can be paid in installments. With € 350 deposit, you reserve a place to participate. 

All amounts are including VAT. We will issue an invoice upon request.

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Max. 12 participants

If you want to participate in the upcoming training, please fill out the sign-up-form below, and we will send you everything you need to know.


In addition to the first two basic modules, there are various Master modules in which you can participate. These programs are intended for people who have completed the basic training (modules 1 + 2). Some of these programs are also open to others, depending on their background and experience. Some are offered every year. Please contact us about the possibilities.

These programs are intended to deepen your understanding, and each one offers a specific subject. Here are some examples:

Visionary Darkness Retreat

Masked Trance Dance Workshop

Tantric Trance Dance Retreat


Please feel free to contact us

Would you like to...

Deepen Your Understanding of Trance, Dance & Bodywork?
Experience the Power of Music, Breath, Blindfold and Movement?
Dive into a Process of Personal Growth and Healing?
Deepen your Knowledge about Psychology, Mysticism & Ritual?
Learn how to Facilitate a Trance Dance Safely & Wisely?