Trance Dance

Sacred Unity

A Spiritual Journey for Couples

4 day retreat

QuoteIf fear and dissociation are the disease, then loving connection must be its antedote. Aernoudt Knecht

Being in a partnership can be a very spritual experience, because it transcends you as an individual. But truly connecting deeply with another, from your authentic being, requires a deep connection with yourself, first and foremost. 

In this retreat we offer couples the opportunity to do just that! Trance Dancing brings you back into into the felt presence of the moment, helps you to drop into a deeper sense of self-awareness, and teaches you to consciously direct your attention and energy. 

This retreat brings a profound deepening in the way you connect to yourself, and to your lover and partner.

Trance Dance & Alignment

Sacred Connection

Brain-neuronsAlignment with who you are, on a spiritual level, is the foundation from where you can truly connect with another. If you are open, grounded, and in flow with life, the quality of that connection will improve profoundly!

Directly after trance dancing you are clear, empty, at peace, and deeply connected with your core. This allows you to you connect to your lover from authenticity, from your essence, and opens you up for a profound spiritual exchange.


There will be no explicitly intimate or sexual exersises, activities or exchanges in the group! Couples will take that to the privacy of their own bedrooms. There will be time to spend in privacy.

DEEPLY connect

There will be no explicitly intimate or sexual exersises, activities or exchanges in the group! Couples will take that to the privacy of their own bedrooms. Actually, we recommend you do that. There will be time to spend in privacy.

Divine Love Alchemy

Soulful Partnership

In a series of trance dances you will allow yourself to move and be moved, and drop into deep states of meditation… awakening your life force, and connecting to your essence and power within. This will create a sacred space from where to connect with your partner or lover. 

In this couples-retreat we will work with:

Meditation & Trance
Sound & Music
Movement & Dance

Awakening Together

Soulful Partnership

Our lives are often so busy, and as a couple we often lose touch with ourselves, and with each other. Signing up for a retreat together can be a very healing and empowering decision. It is truly wonderful to have an ocean of quality time together, and make this time sacred and healing!

This retreat offers an amazing opportunity for couples to take their partnership, and love life, to the next level. Every couple will have unique themes, energies and processes to work with, and have the opportunity to bring their individual paths to a new level of alignment.

All couples, who want to deepen their spiritual and intimate connection, are welcome!

Practical Info


Wellspring Retreat Center
located in the South Eifel Nature Park
D-54655 Sankt Thomas, Germany

Upcoming Dates
new dates will be posted soon

couples stay in 2p bedrooms with a double bed


We serve healthy and vegetarian meals, mostly organic. Coffee, tea, snacks and refreshments during breaks are included.


Aernoudt Knecht & Merit Holzner


meals and lodging: €240
workshop & materials: €350
Sum: €590 pp

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Max. 12 Participants (6 Couples)

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