Trance Dance

Ngaio Gamelan

David Parsons

Celestial Harmonies | 1999
Ngaio Gamelan - David Parsons - Trance Dance Music

By: Aernoudt Knecht

From his home country of New Zealand, David Parsons regularly travels to different continents in search of musical and spiritual inspiration. He interweaves the samples he collects in the studio into a unique expression in which he brings different cultures together. His productions include ‘Celestial Harmonies’, and after his works ‘The Music of Cambodia’, ‘The Music of Vietnam’, ‘The Music of Armenia’, ‘The Music of Bali’, and the award-winning ‘The Music of Islam’, ‘Ngaio Gamelan’ was undoubtedly his best work to date.

Compared to the music we usually use forĀ trance dancing, ‘Ngaio Gamelan’ is very soft and gentle music. I was lucky to discover this music during a study trip in Bali. ‘Ngaio Gamelan’ is a must listen if you want to broaden your musical horizons and experience what it is like to dance to the intense and deeply penetrating sounds of Balinese music…