Trance Dance

Trance Dance Facilitator

Matthias Höfeld

Trance Dance Facilitator – Sound Artist

Born in 1988, Matthias did 16 years of Kickboxing and Karate. In 2009 he had a car accident were he lost his eye vision. Three years later he felt he was reborn.

In 2012 Matthias embarked on his spiritual path, after meeting an Indian women visiting Europe… a big shift in his life. The search to find a more healthy lifestyle and to find deeper feelings and connection became impotant to him. 

Matthias has experience with Yoga, Meditation, Satsang, Mantra singing, Shamanic work, Tantric Philosophy, Energy- and Physical Bodywisdom, Ecstatic Dance, Trance Dance and some emotional- and psychedelic work.

QuoteMy way of dealing with depression, traumatic experiences, up to the point of suicidal thoughts, standing up and continuing on my path – not to just accepting my life, but feeling lucky and at peace with it – made me stronger and more open to the universal consciousness.

My destiny and mission in life is to accompany people in becoming conscious and to heal. Those who live their highest potential will lead a healthy life on all levels!



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