Trance Dance

Who looks outside, dreams,

who looks inside, awakens.

C. G. Jung


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Trancedance with blindfold

What is Trance Dance?

The roots of our spirituality

Sacred Darkness, about blindfold, surrender and transformation

Sacred Darkness

about blindfold, surrender and transformation

Why Trancedance?

Why Trance Dance?

Why Trance?



portal to inspiration and healing

FAQ about Trancedance

FAQ about Trance Dance

All you need to know

Sound and Creation

Sound and Creation

the world is a song

Trance Dance and the Subconscious

Trance Dance and the Subconscious

how to change unconscious behaviors

Awakening within the Dream

Awakening within the Dream

about sleeping, waking, brainwaves, dreams and trance




We offer free music to all new members of our newsletter. Some of those downloads are from artists who were at the cradle of contemporary trance dance music:

Professor Trance: Eternity 2009 – 4:54

I am Uman: Trance Two – 7:08

I am Uman: Crazy Wolves – 4:26

I am Uman: Not Bedtime Yet – 6:58

I am Uman: Second Born – 5:52


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