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Lower or Higher Frequency?

Are you shifting to a HIGHER FREQUENCY?

Lower and Higher FrequenciesBy: Aernoudt Knecht

Some say the world is shifting into a higher frequency (New Age, 5D, …) and that we should all attempt to do so too. Apparently a higher frequency is more novel, or better in some way. But frequency of what, exactly? Light? Sound? Magnetism? The cycle of the moon? Just talking about frequency in general is silly, and to then claim that higher is better than lower is simplistic, and even more absurd.

Consciousness & Frequency

Brain-neuronsWhen we talk about consciousness and the brain, and the different mental states we experience, quite the opposite seems to be true. In this case I am talking about the frequency of the electromagnetic field the brain generates, which is very real and can be measured. When it comes to these frequencies, the health and wellbeing of the individual and society seem to benefit when they go down, not up!

Mental States & The Brain

Brain-neuronsThe highest frequencies in the brain (Gamma/Bèta, 12Hz and higher) are produced when we are multitasking, stressed and in a kind of ‘survival mode’. When we drop into lower frequencies (Alpha, 8-12Hz) we move into calmer states, thoughtless rest, meditation. This is often the goal in the meditation practices of many spiritual circles. When we drop even deeper, into still lower frequencies (Thèta, 4-8Hz) we move through a slumberstate and usually fall asleep (Delta, 0-4Hz) unless we intentionally induce trance, and journey through these deeper creative dreamstates while remaining conscious.

The Mystical Experience

BrainwavesEven the highly sought after spiritual states like god-consciousness, enlightenment, non-dual, … are actually associated with the slowing down of frequencies. It’s only when the brain temporarily shuts down the networks that create our experience of being a separated self, that we experience the world as spiritual whole. This is usually a very healing, wholesome and life changing experience.

Mental Health

Brain-neuronsSo, … wheter you practice meditation, or seek even deeper trance states, don’t attempt to achieve a HIGHER frequency, but intentionally allow yourself to drop into LOWER frequencies! This is a recommended practice, to do on a regular basis, to keep yourself mentally healthy.
I think it’s important, when we use language, to be clear about what we mean. When people say that we should shift into a higher vibration (frequency) they usually mean we should move from anger, fear, stress (high brainfrequencies) to trust and deeply felt connection (low brainfrequencies). Teaching the practices of trance dancing is the best way I know how to contribute to that shift.

Flow & Dance

Brain-neuronsLooking at language, and choosing my words with care, is not about being right or wrong for me, but about gaining understanding.

Just look at what this shows us:

To reach a ‘higher’ (or more preferred) state of consciousness you need to stop with the effort (high brainfrequencies) and allow yourself to ease into it (low brainfrequencies). This is also why trance dancing works so well, because when you get into a flow while dancing, you are still ‘doing’, and thus keeping yourself aware, but stop ‘trying’, so there is no ‘effort’, and you can truly drop.

Aernoudt Knechtby:

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